What is a marketing funnel and why you need to know

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The marketing funnel is an online marketing term that defines the steps that a user has to take to fulfill a certain objective on a website.

It might be a purchase, a registration, a lead or The achievement of this desired action which is known as a “conversion.”

It’s called a funnel because the number of people decreases as they proceed through it.

After you understand the numerous consumer touchpoints, you’ll know when and how to target clients at various stages of the funnel.

Get to know the basic marketing funnel – AIDA

The “AIDA” model is the most basic marketing funnel that is frequently used to describe the concept. It divides the customer’s journey into four different stages: attention, interest, desire, and action.

Let’s first understand what these stages are before we dive into how marketing funnels work:


This is the point at which a consumer hears about your brand for the first time through social media, advertising, or word of mouth.

Traffic capture campaigns can be very diverse: SEO, SEM, inbound marketing, email marketing, social media, and so on.


At this point in the buyer’s journey, they’ve developed an interest in your items and are looking for more information. This is the perfect moment to engage potential clients and educate them about what sets you apart from the competition.


This is the stage where the consumer actually develops purchase intent and is almost at the decision-making stage. The desire stage is the perfect time to give these prospects a final push and turn them into customers.


It is in the final step. When the user notices that the service or product meets their expectations, which results in a conversion.

This is the stage of the buyer’s journey where your customers actually make a purchase, as the name implies.

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