Why Africa needs digital marketing

Why Africa needs digital marketing
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Agricultural production is aided by abundant agricultural resources and diverse ecological zones. For example, Ethiopia is the world’s third-largest producer of Arabica beans and one of the world’s largest producers of coffee.

Traditional marketing is used by companies in this sector to sell their products where they make contact with buyers and sell their goods. But this approach is costing the country a huge chunk of money.

  • For example, a recent figure suggests that in this quarter the country sold about 162,818,04 tons, netting about 645,100,000 dollars. 162,818,04 tons which is equivalent to  162,818,040 kilos,giving us a 3.962$ unit price.

This tells us traditional marketing is not working for our country and organizations. So, if you’re in the export business, this blog is for you.

Why you need to go digital

Digital marketing is the set of strategies aimed at communication and electronic marketing of your products and services.

It is one of the main ways available for companies to communicate with the public in a direct, personalized way and at the right time.

In recent years, digital media have become part of consumers’ daily lives. Users not only use the Internet to work or entertain themselves, but also to resolve any type of doubt related to business. 

All the information around a brand will make the user more or less willing to become a final consumer, so a digital marketing strategy will be essential to improve your brand image and increase its visibility.

Having a good online presence, developing a coherent strategy, correctly managing your Social Networks, and being participative in your community, can facilitate the increase in the conversion of potential customers. So that you can see it a little more clearly, we leave you with some very significant figures:

  • 52% of companies have obtained clients through Social Networks.
  • Over 40% of brands receive friend requests from LinkedIn.
  • More than 50% of the brands have increased the budget they have for Online Marketing.

4 Main concepts of Digital Marketing

Buyer Persona

Unlike traditional strategies, Digital Marketing works with the concept of personas, which are semi-fictional profiles, based on your real consumers, and who represents your ideal buyer.

Thus, you manage to create more segmented actions directed to the right people, saving time and money.

Customer journey

Before investing your resources in a product or service offered by a brand, the customer must complete an entire history of interactions with your company.

The concept that represents it more precisely is that of “Customer Journey,” which consists of the set of contacts that your customer makes with your company until he/she becomes one of your official consumers.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of making your website more search engine friendly.

These are actions that contribute to improving the positioning potential of your pages and content, helping you to meet the main requirements of search platforms such as Google and Bing.


When we talk about segmentation in Digital Marketing, we refer to one of the most important and efficient tools available to spread a message to a portion of the audience that has very specific characteristics.

Segmentation allows you to personalize your campaigns and focus on those potential customers who are similar to your brand.

Here are 4 ways digital marketing can benfit your business?

Low operating costs

One of the most attractive attributes of Digital Marketing is that due to its multiple characteristics such as segmentation, diversity of channels, different content, and more, it is an activity that does not require multimillion-dollar investments — like traditional marketing, for example — to give good results.

Client retention

Another of the most relevant and attractive advantages that Digital Marketing has is the possibility of collecting thousands of data about customers, through different automation tools, to retain them and become an authority.

This makes it possible to effectively nurture the relationship with your customer in the post-sale stage and increases the possibility of this user returning and continuing buying.

After all, if you can get a customer to come back to a company or buy their products, CAC will go down and, of course, costs will too. Which is very positive for business.

It is moldable

Marketing actions are malleable. In other words, you can launch an action, review how it develops, and, if you are not happy with the results, shape the action to try to optimize them.

It is not necessary to wait until the end of a digital marketing campaign to make changes. So if you want to optimize it quickly, you will save time and money.

Allows better segmentation

With the ability to segment, any digital marketing action can be targeted at a specific demographic.

Creating a much more personalized segmentation will help you increase your conversions. You can segment your audience by gender, location, language, country, or consumption habits, among many other options.

Who can help you with your digital marketing?

Although writing a blog or managing social media accounts may appear to be a suitable task for many, It is important to remember that making mistakes is very easy. A professional in the field should create a marketing plan for your company that has two parts: strategic and operational.

We always recommend having a marketing expert handle the strategic part, as they will know which tactics are best for making the most of your opportunities and optimizing your online communication.

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